Above (in the header) as well, you will see this most beautiful mural, which hangs above the altar in the chapel of Saint John Vianney College Seminary in Miami. This is the altar. The Chapel is built in the configuration of a cross if looked down from above. The altar is located in the center of the transept with seating to the left and right of the ‘transept,’ confessionals also line the walls of the transept arms. The sacristy is located in the ‘chancel’ and the main congregation sits in the ‘nave’ of the chapel. It is a most beautiful building with high walls, murals and stained glass, and floor to ceiling glass doors line the 5 sides of the transept and nave.


The year that I was in Seminary, I spent a great amount of time in this chapel. There are several smaller chapels located on the grounds and in the common living space, in the resident hall next door to the main chapel. If you look to the right of the altar hangs the blessed sacrament candle.

I tell the story of David, my best friend. He died in the Spring of 1987. I had spoken to him prior to his death and I knew he loved me. On the night of his wake, at the funeral home, the priest had a seizure and I had to finish the prayer service for the attendees. Upon my arrival back at the seminary, it was stormy outside. I was bereft in my sadness and grief. It was really not pretty. I was kneeling in the front (right) pew in front of the altar. It was late, and dark outside.

I heard one of the confessional doors open and close in the right of the transept. I heard footsteps come around the altar stones, the floor is stone and marble. The foot steps stopped in the center of the main aisle in front of the altar. The Altar Candle exploded and lit up the mural you see behind it, it was a most glorious vision. David was standing there before me, and told me not to weep, that he was ok, and that he would watch over me. To this day, I have his Glorious Mary Medallion which I never leave the house without. It hangs on a chain I wear with my other medallions.

Every time I look at this picture, I am reminded of this story…

So in his memory, I share it with you…

I love you David…