Shopping Haul Post…

Adidas – Ace Tango 17.1 TR Solar Red – Solar Orange – Core Black – Soccer dot com
I just bought these this evening – sweet soles …

Retail Sales Points:

One of my favorite past times is shopping. Because that’s what you do when your Keto Diet drops your weight over 35 pounds down, and I need to look GOOD !

I’ve often wrote towards specific sales points as being the most optimum locations to shop, because of security, availability of product, and sellers who are honest.

I’ve shopped online with sites located on the web, where those sites were fronts for counterfeiters located in Shanghai China. That happened to me twice, with a loss of over $300.00 CAD that I had to recoup from the R.C.M.P. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

I won’t shop on a site that is not reputable, or shop from a site that I have not shopped at before. Listed above are sites I would recommend shopping at, given what you are looking for, the list is varied and popular.

I usually troll my Tumblr and Instagram or Pinterest for product. I then take that photo and plug it into Google search. That search usually takes me to a site where the product is sold.

Proviso … Google does not moderate the sites that are online. They do not secure a site in the sense that not every site online is a secure, reputable, product seller. Buyer Beware.

But if I am on the hunt for something particular, I’ve learned from experience, if it ain’t available on a platform, and I cannot find it on a reputable site, I won’t buy from a site that looks too slick or too good to be true.

Odd sneakers or one-off styles you might see on an athlete, let’s say on Tumblr or Pinterest, that is probably a one off, even if a slick site has them in stock in the colorway and style you really want. Buyer Beware …

Athletes get shoes and sneakers made, one-off all the time, by Name Brand shoe sales like Adidas and Nike and Mizuno and others.

And some purveyors of shoes, take these images and load them into a slick site and attempt to scam you into buying them, knowing that they really do not exist for mass consumption by the public.

Sites in China and in Asia, the counterfeiters hide behind slick-looking websites with reputable locators like (CO.UK / or CO.AU/ or a North American/CANADIAN DOT COM)

Their sites might look slick with lots of product, but from my experience, I got the same knock off product twice, from TWO sites online, that came from the SAME counterfeit address in Shanghai, China.

If you’ve never bought from a site before, it behooves you to check your sources and see if there are comments or complaints on the site, and if you are not sure, then your first choice is a local selling platform like AMAZON or EBAY or a reputable CO.UK CO.AU.

If you are buying from a platform like EBAY – you can select selling locations. You just need to be aware of the local currency conversion for your location.

Amazon does not always specify where the seller is but they give you a price. Once you make your purchase you find out where that product is coming from.

I’ve bought reputable items from South Korea before, on Amazon Global.

Stay Away from anything sold in China. Because you never know if the product you are buying on a site is the real item or a counterfeit.

The Canadian RCMP is actively seeking legal action on many counterfeit sites in China and Shanghai. I found that out after getting burned by Shanghai gangsters.

Be a savvy shopper. Know your websites. Scrutinize those websites if they seem too good to be true. Because if it looks slick and the products sold look to be the same styles High End athletes wear on the pitch … You might be scammed …

Just be careful with your money …

Tuesday: The Many Faces of Amazon


Do you shop on Amazon, from where you live ?

In the quest to be the best looking sporty man who I can be, takes me on the hunt for the latest and greatest sports gear, from around the world. In my purchasing history, I have found that one needs multiple Amazon accounts, spread over all of North America.

Including accounts on Ebay as well.

You need several platforms of purchase power at your disposal. That means all of Ebay, world-wide, and all of Amazon world wide. Because history has taught me severe lessons in shopping off platform.

On a platform you are Guaranteed Product, Insured, and Shipped from a reputable seller. You do not get these assurances shopping on suspect (off platform) sites that look too good to be true when they offer items you cannot find anywhere else.

Buyer Beware …

China and Shanghai are terrible for buyers because the possibility of suspect items, counterfeit and bogus sales are a dime a dozen. And the R.C.M.P. here in Canada saved me some serious cash when I got ripped off for more than $300.00 cad.

After that buying nightmare, I will only shop on a platform that guarantees their sellers and the products they sell.

A while back, I wrote to Amazon about the problems of shopping in Canada. Many products one purchases on Amazon will ship Internationally here to Montreal.

That is not always the case though …


When I was shopping for the Nike Hyper Cool Woodland Dark Emerald and Total Orange tights, I saw in this photo, I scoured the world-wide web looking for them. After an exhaustive search world wide, I finally found 1 pair on Amazon U.S.

Sadly, they would not ship this specific item to me here in Montreal. A friend of mine who lives in the U.S. received my package from Amazon U.S. and forwarded the package on to me in Montreal.

I wrote to Amazon to inquire about their shipping strategy and procedures. I sent a lengthy email which got a very extensive reply from an agent at Amazon. And I was directed to look at shipping guidelines and they also offered another platform to buy from as well.

  • There is Amazon.US
  • There is Amazon.CA
  • And There is Amazon Global

The other day, I saw an item of clothing that is HOT, right at the moment, from Under Armour. (Photo above) of the Under Armour Exo Compression Leggings, Men’s Black, Cobalt and Bolt Orange.

I looked around Ebay and Amazon.CA for the item. The list price for this item of clothing started at $200.00 plus shipping and import taxes for a total of $225.00 for one item of clothing.

That is ridiculous. And cost prohibitive.

But I carted the item, nonetheless, because I could not find the item anywhere else.

Until about an hour ago.

I have an Amazon Global Account. That account affords me the ability to shop on the Global Market Amazon Wide, and have it ship directly to me here in Montreal.

Amazon Global runs on the U.S. Dollar. And the Loonie took a HUGE tumble today because of the American Administrations levy on Lumber imports to the U.S. Border politics, affect every area of Canadian Business when it comes to the United States, and what rules they place on our international businesses.

I plugged the item into Amazon Global and was rewarded handsomely.

That $200.00 CAD item on Amazon.CA was selling on Amazon Global for $70.00 U.S. plus taxes, shipping and import taxes. (shipping was free)

I bought that item right away, because it was too good to be true that a $200.00 CAD item was selling for only $70.00 US on another partition of the same Amazon.

In the end I spent $87.00 U.S / $121.00 CAD for a $225.00 CAD item. Saving $100.00 CAD in the end.

Boo Yah !!!

The world runs on Online sales. One must be careful in who one trusts On Line.

On our Indigo/Chapters book site, when you purchase books online from their site, you pay the online price. When I shop in the brick and mortar store here in the city, you pay for stocking, rent, and shelving price, that can run upwards of $30.00 more in purchase price.

I’ve heard it said by people I know, that they won’t shop brick and mortar stores. BUT, they will visit the store, find the item they want, figure out the discount, go back home, and visit the same online version of a brick and mortar, and make their purchases.

It pays to belong to as many wide platform selling sites that you can, because if you are a savvy shopper, there are deals to be found. Those deals come with those particular guarantees that single online websites don’t necessarily offer. Even if the suspected website boast of its guarantees. They don’t necessarily, Guarantee anything.

They just want your money and your account information…

Those dime a dozen Chinese sites are numerous and you can never tell if they are reputable because counterfeiters and bogus sites hide behind trusted web addresses located in Countries, that for the most part, are reputable by reputation.

We have found that bogus Chinese sellers hide behind the CO.UK suffix, or the CO.AU or CO.NZ. You think you are buying from England, Australia or New Zealand, when in reality you are purchasing from a seller that can be located anywhere in the world, and if you are not careful in your shopping choices, you too will be taken for a ride financially.

I shop the EU for specific clothing like sneakers and socks. Sneakers and Socks are BIG business in the Euro Zone. Soccer is as well in the UK and in the Euro Zone. I do shop on single seller sites in the UK and the Euro Zone because I have bought from them before, and once I buy from a trusted site, that is guaranteed, I bookmark and shop there often.

Google translate does very well when shopping internationally in the Euro Zone.

But, you usually get killed on the Exchange Rates on the Euro and the British Pound. That has to be factored in when shopping the Euro Zone.

In my purchase history with Euro sites, I have made purchases and my bank does the conversion for me. When the transaction is slated on my account, they adjust the exchange rate on the day the bank slates my purchase.

I have worked on my skills at seeing a photo, figuring out what the name of the item is, and then locating it within my trusted online platform sites. It is skillful work, to be sure.

A little Tumblr, a little Google, a lot of Amazon and a lot of Ebay.

Not all Websites are just like the others …

If you are not careful, you and your money will soon be parted.

And whatever item you bought, becomes a ghost in the ether …