Re-Orientation Part 2

I wrote about the Fall/Winter re-orientation the other day. Today begins my own. After last weeks meltdown and discussions with other old timer friends, I have decided to delete certain meetings from my schedule going forwards.

Sunday remain, at the Old Brewery Mission, Monday and Tuesday, I will be off for two days, dropping both Monday Central and Tuesday Beginners, both full of kids, and both full of newcomers and slippers. I cannot sit in rooms of strife and misery any longer.

Between the arguments between the kids over pronouns and gender qualifications, and the battle between the non-binaries and Trans folks, and the constant revolving door habits of so many of our kids, I just can’t partake in their strife and misery any longer.

Many old timers are saying the same. If you don’t want the solution, and you want to constantly live in your problems, and you surely are not talking to me (read:us) then why bother ? I’ve been sober long enough to know my emotional and mental limits, as to how much misery I can stand on any give night.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday remain the same. Since I am doing service and opening and making coffee all three nights. it pays to have church keys on my key ring.

For the time being, 4 meetings will be my max limit through Fall and Winter. Since I have keys, I won’t have to wait outside when temps drop and it begins to snow.

I’ve got several irons in the fire right now, and working with others, has become my primary focus as of late. I work steps and read the Big Book with a lady friend on Thursday mornings. I have a new fellow I am in conversations with. And my regular cohort of guys remains constant.

We go into Fall/Winter anniversaries in a few weeks. God willing, Juan will hit his five years on November 11th, and I will hit 18 years in December. Oddly, I have to work almost an entire calendar year before I take my chip. A whole 11 months to work out the issues I hit the year prior, and to work on my steps for a while.

Working steps in the fall of each year is a good schedule. Because we read the book, and do some step work, then have some (real time) practical application of what was brought up on the last pass.

I ratcheted up my prayers, and my meditation is getting stronger. Albeit, meditation is never a perfect process for me. But I have been able to amend my prayers to include some new forms of prayer. I have 3,7, and 11 next to my computer, and I have some meditation practice on my phone. There are some good apps for that as well.

They say that prayer changes everything. And every time we pray we ratchet up our spiritual practice and our lives do get better. On Universal Time.

Fall has been pushed off for another week here. As temps are going to be in the high twenties for the next week and a few days. It’s gonna be a warm week, as the weather people said last night.

Where leaves are turning in other places and provinces, we have not hit the all important cold snap to goad the trees into turning just yet. But a good Fall, would be nice. We’ve had several shitty Fall turnings over the past few years, where leaves just fall from trees, without turning, or we get shit faded colors that don’t burst with color.

We’ll see what Mother Nature has for us this year.

We need that first really cold snap to hit first.

More to come.

Welcome to 2011 – A New View

We are jumping into the air tonight. Into a new theme, I thought was quite nice. I wanted to change things up here, because in the next few days, life is going to take another turn.

Big Changes are coming, ever so slowly because Canada Post takes their sweet time getting packages through Customs, then sorted in Mississauga, Ontario, before they put them on a truck to get to Montreal, then they sort here, into trucks for home delivery.

Ugh … Such a long drawn out process

Twenty Eleven is a clean, customizable template, with lots of bells and whistles. I liked the style and the header image here, I might keep it for now, because the header image size is different that the old template I was using (Plane).

I like it nonetheless.

Since I removed certain issues from my life, my daily schedule has turned upside down. I got rid of a good amount of online distraction, as of late. I am going to bed after our National Newscast at 10:00 p.m. EST. News comes on an hour early in Canada to make it viewable in the Maritimes, which is 1 hour, and 1 hour 30 minutes ahead in New Foundland.

I’ve been up and awake around 4:45 in the morning lately, because I am going to bed earlier than usual, I spend some time before I go to sleep reading. A ritual I have perfected over the years. I’m usually productive later at night or very early in the morning.

I wrote a few good pieces lately, that came out of left field, but pertinent to my life as it is unfolding right now.

Welcome to my 2011 Incarnation. I hope you like it as much as I do. As always, if you’ve got questions, or comments, or you would like me to write on something YOU are thinking about, ask away, I will be glad to contribute anything I can.