Tuesday: Sorrow in Manchester


Last night, as I arrived at home, I learned of the great tragedy that struck the city of Manchester. The tragedy of terrorism is abhorrent, when it is visited upon defenseless young people, the tragedy is only magnified times ten.

It has been said that Terrorism’s greatest effect is when it is visited upon young people. And we have seen this kind of tragedy before, namely in Orlando last Summer, and many locations in Europe and beyond.

It pains me greatly, when the victims of such tragedy is visited upon young people, because, in that actions an entire generation of bright minds and souls are snuffed out indiscriminately.

There are no words I can speak, that will console or make this better, other to say that my heart is broken, once again.

The loss of ANY life is devastating. The loss of young life is unconscionable.

Eternal rest, to those young people, and may perpetual light shine upon them.

My heart is broken and we are all shattered over this senseless crime of terror.