Saturday: Hurricane Warnings Up Again

hurricane Lee

Saturday is turning into Sunday. And there are three storms spinning in the Atlantic Ocean tonight. Jose is spinning off the East coast of Florida and will skim past Bermuda heading very close to Massachusetts and Rhode Island, coming ever so close to Atlantic Canada South of Nova Scotia.

Maria, on the other hand is going to be another dangerous storm for the Caribbean Islands that were flattened last week by hurricane Irma. All Maria is going to do is move the wreckage of Irma around the already destroyed islands.

Irma flattened the most picturesque and beautiful islands in the Leeward Area. Maria is going to track over already destroyed land, and pound over Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Lee is tracking right behind Maria but may not come close to the island chain that Maria is going to pound again. The forecasts only run through Thursday next week.

This hurricane season is going to go down in history.

This evening, I completed the insertion of writing that goes all the way back to 2006.

That is a lot of time spent writing.

I also added the entire library of images from the sites I had been running up unto a couple of weeks ago. All those sites are now closed and deleted from the system.

I’ve collected years upon years of images along with my academic writing when I was studying Religion and Theology and my Pastoral Ministry Degrees.

I will add a search feature on the sidebar, if you are so inclined to read some of my better academic papers. I have to say that even today, I am amazed at the level I was writing, even if I did not make it through my Master’s Degree.

I just did not have the ego to go with my classmates back then.

I was sober, they were not. Sad that when people cross from their Bachelors into a Master’s their heads swell and their egos grow through the roof. Something I could not understand, because I did not get the same memo that they must have received.

I am all the better for it today.

More to come.

Pray for the people of the islands, the people of Texas and of Florida. They need all the help and support they can get.

Remember you can always donate to The Red Cross and other disaster agencies that are working very hard to bring much needed supplies to the islands and to those point of need in the United States.

The government may talk big words, but when it all comes down to brass tacks, people won’t get half of what they really need because of greed and politics.

Donate. Give. If you can.

Please and Thank You.

Good night.

Thursday: Salt of the Earth


The warnings are up. I have friends in Ground Zero in Miami, who have decided to stay put. Many of them have no means to get out of dodge, so they stay.

Traffic moving North out of South Florida has been bumper to bumper all day long. Like there is really some place SAFE, North of where everybody is right now. There really is no place safe, since Irma is said to be tracking UP through the middle of the state. The storm is wider than the state land mass itself. People are fucked, if they don’t go, with really not having some place SAFE to go. Because as the days run past, people are moving North, as the Storm is going to track North over the weekend and in through next week.

Pray …

All day long, watching my Cruise Ship cams across the state of Florida, and ports in the Caribbean, many islands that had cams, don’t have cams any longer. Many islands have been destroyed. Homes, Hotels, Buildings, boats, you name it.

If it can be FLUNG far and wide, it was.

I’ve been watching ships in Miami and Cape Canaveral come in, drop their passenger, stock up on provisions, and then leave empty. Many, many, cruise passengers have been dropped hoping to get flights home, amid mass hysteria …

Cruise ships already at sea, I checked the list on the AIS ship location programs, are scattered all over the Western Caribbean, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.

Ships are gathered in a kind of rallying point, until the danger passes on the Eastern Side of the Caribbean and all ports in Florida. Ships that returned to Miami and Port Canaveral today and through tomorrow, will off load passengers, then leave to find some place safe at sea, as far from danger as is humanly possible.

You can’t leave a cruise ship in a port that is going to close and hope it can ride out the storm AT Dock.

A ship is safer at sea, as far from a storm as is possible, until the cruise lines call them back into service, and the ports reopen after the storm passes. Cruise ports in Florida will close on Friday night until Irma passes.

Pray …

When Andrew hit Miami some 25 years ago, we boarded up south Miami and trekked to Ft. Lauderdale to ride out the storm. Thankfully, Andrew had tracked South and destroyed all points south of the Miami Airport well into Homestead city proper.

I remember driving south along the coast, and there were huge boats and ferries scattered like play toys, in the middle of streets along the coast. That is exactly what I saw this morning in photographs online. Helicopters toured St.Maarten where the island was destroyed, AGAIN.

The Islands of the Caribbean go through this build – destruction – rebuild series, over and over. Many a year ago, I was on the S.S. Norway, before her demise. And on St. Maarten, I was on a bus tour of the island. As the tour ended, the guides and drivers begged us for money, because a hurricane has gone over the island, which was being rebuilt after being BANGED by a storm earlier in the year.

Many Islands are devastated. Cruise lines are going to have to seriously reconsider where they go after Irma does her damnedest. The sparkling clean and pleasant islands to visit, are going to be in rebuild mode for a very long time.

World governments who OWN foreign territory in the islands are going to have to spend money Hand over Fist, to rebuild them.

Sadly, Irma is on her trek to Florida and Jose is running right up behind her. And for some, it is going to be a Double Hit storm season, only making a bad situation, much, much worse.

Pray …

Tonight, I took a trek into another part of the city, to visit old friends I had not seen in a very long time. I went to a meeting I call, “The Salt of the Earth”kind of meeting.

I need some grounding, and I need to be with people who I can sit with, without judgment and derision. After the meeting an old friend of mine followed me out and we talked for a while, waiting for the bus to arrive.

I told her hat was on my mind. She was surprised to say the least.

It is not difficult to hop on the metro a few stops away and walk a few blocks. This trip is entirely manageable in the Winter as well. This might be my meeting for the next little while.

They have good coffee …

Now we wait to see who lives and who dies in Florida. And we also wait to see just what Irma has in store for the state of Florida.

Shit is going to get real, really fast over the next few days.

Pray …