Some Tattoos Have Origin Stories …


Adrenaline Tattoo Montreal

This is the story about a tattoo. This above image is an original work of art, located over on a Portuguese Blog. The original artist is not indicated. I did not know this original work of art existed, before my appointment with my new tattoo artist at Adrenaline Tattoos.


This original art work spawned a number of iterations of this picture. My artist had done some preliminary sleuthing to find context and the original art work. Because every tattoo is unique. (I knew that). From every iteration of a piece of art, meaning is gathered by the human who bears new artwork. That tattoo has specific meaning to its bearer.

This second image is the Full Sleeve Tattoo that I drew my choice from. This tattoo is one iteration of the top photo, work of art.


I cropped this photo into a Half Sleeve Tattoo. The little boy is climbing the same stairs as in the original. In the original, it is a Woman on the staircase. In the original artwork, the time piece (clock) is being blown apart, the clock face is disintegrating as the numbers are falling off the clock, into the surrounding water.

We gather that from the original image, time is ending … My artist has explained the psychology of a tattoo and why he does what he does as an artist, to respect the original image of the original art work, and its artist, to try and gain context of the original and also to study the various iterations of the original artwork.


In my art work, we will use a fully functional pocket watch (that runs) to note that time exists and is NOT ending. The style of the pocket watch will be carefully shaded a rhodium gold, (like our A.A. Medallions). The boy will remain on the stairs, facing the clock, (going UP the stairs). His shirt will be shaded RED. I will get my color finally.

In the original artwork, the woman is climbing stairs to a clock being destroyed and time is coming to an end. (noted by the disintegrating clock face) Also in the original, the staircase is rising OUT of the water, and moves OVER the water, towards the clock face.

The elements that I needed in my Tattoo are the Clock Face, The Boy, On the staircase, The red shirt, and The water below. The clock face and the boy’s shirt are the only pops of color, to allow the tattoo to say WOW.

I had thought about coloring the water (blue) but my artist thinks that if we add that color to the image, in addition to the pops of color already there, the tattoo would go from WOW to ugh …

We also think that the tattoo that I am working from rests on the inside of the arm, down the sleeve to the wrist. Our new idea it to move it from the inside of the arm, to the outside of my arm on my left side.

Thank you Google for that art lesson.

And thank you to the blog writer for posting this original work of art.
We will represent your art work with respect.