Inside the Circle

The week has come to an end. And Friday’s have always been the best night of the week, because of the people I share company with.

I was taught a long, long, time ago, that if I ever needed anything, ANYTHING, I would need only look as far as the circle. Looking back, I never had to go outside the circle for anything. Whatever that Anything was.

Suffice to say that tonight, several key friends showed up. People I trust, whom I am able to talk to about a myriad of subjects.

My kids have been on my mental radar the entire week. I’ve been talking to my friends about how I can help them. Each person I spoke to, gave me a distinct answer.

Worrying that I could not do anything, turns out that, I actually can do something. Tonight, I spoke to several key people in the circle, familiar with my worries.

I learned who can help me on a greater scale. I learned where I can go to find more help, specifically built to help my kids on the fluid spectrum. I told my friends tonight everything I observed and what I worried about. And with that said, I got solid solutions.

I also spoke to other friend familiar with specific kids in difficulty, and I am pleased that my friends will step up and do what needs to be done to help them. I’m gratified that within the circle we learn to trust each other, and know that if we ask for help, help will come.

Mental Health assistance for our kids is thin on the ground, but there are communities within the circle that CAN help. I know where they are now, and what solutions they offer to our kids.

You might not think we cover all the bases, but as the playing field changes, we adapt. I did not know what we could do for my kids, but I do now.

All will be well.

A good night was had by all.

Friday May 3rd 2019

Times are changing. Our Friday location at St. Viateur Church up on the mount, is going through changes within the parish.

We’ve been in the same room, for more than 60 years. The incarnation of the meeting, has changed over time. And for the last 6 years, we rebuilt a meeting that was falling apart, after the last incarnation, and her people had moved on.

What began as 5 people and a coffee pot, morphed over time to a cohort of over 50 folks. We broadened from the back room and few people to a two room meeting, split up to give everybody time and place to share.

A couple of weeks ago, the church told us, that we had to move out of our room, along with all the other meetings, that used the same space, throughout the week.

They offered us a room, in the church proper, and early this past week, myself and a friend, moved all of our supplies from the basement hall to the church hall room. It is half the size of the full room we had been in. The room does not have a kitchen. We do have one bathroom and sink set up to fill the coffee and tea pots. Since we don’t have a kitchen, we went to styrofoam cups and later paper warm cups, so we don’t have to wash cups in a sink in the bathroom.

The hall will happily seat 50 people. I arrived uber early tonight with a couple of fellows and we set up the room, in the same fashion we used to have in the old room. Save, that the group cannot split up into two, sitting everybody in the same room, for the entire hour.

You cannot throw alcoholics into change, because it throws them off kilter. We welcomed everybody, to the room. Our first meeting in the new space was a success. People seem to like the cozy comforts of the room.

The reason we had to move is this … There is a daycare up in the parish building. That room needs renovation. Before they can move downstairs into the basement hall, that room needs to be retrofitted for safety and regulations, as a child care facility, as per the city and province.

You can’t just toss a daycare, into a room, that is not safely set up for that purpose. We all had to move out so they are now retrofitting the room for the kids. The room upstairs is being renovated. Once all the work is done, the kids will either stay downstairs, or move back up.

We have this new room until October. Between now and then, we are negotiating with the parish rector to remain in our original space, because finding another church, IN this neighborhood, is unlikely. We won’t be able to recreate the old dynamic, in another church anywhere in this locale.

There are a couple of choices still. But some feel that if every meeting in the area, utilizes the same space, 7 nights a week, we loose the distinctive feel of the meeting. Because the one church open for business with a rector who is familiar with our work, will rent his space, for very little money, because he knows what we do. He has three meetings now in that space. We all go to those other meetings in his ballroom in the basement.

The dynamic of that room is far different. it is not the room the Friday meeting wants to inhabit, in any case. So we shall see what comes of the renovations and what will happen next fall.

More to come.

Friday … Updates … Trust


It has been One Long Day …

Never let it be said that Socialized Medicine is terrible or not very good.

Never in all my years, living here in Montreal, have I gone without, or not been able to see my doctor whenever I need him, at a moments notice, anytime, any day.

The good thing about my doctors, is, that both of them (are) brothers, and work out of the same office, on different days. And in an emergency, both are available, even off hours.

So today, I had a morning appointment to get my diabetes numbers. I got there early, and as usual, the office was full, ours is a family office so multiple generations show up for appointments. I waited …

When it was my turn, I had not sat down for five minutes when I told George that I had fallen and seriously hurt myself. The appointment went out the window and he listened and then took immediate action. Since I see my doctors offsite, not in a hospital complex, I get personalized service with one stop shopping.

The Metro stop which I use to get to the office is centrally located, with all ancillary offices tucked in the same neighborhood. Within three blocks are all that is needed, however, I do use the Montreal General Hospital for my lab work. That is the only reason I set foot in a hospital.

George sent me for x-rays, which cost me a whopping $10.00 for the dvd copy of my x-rays. I walked to and from the image center and back to the office.

I have a crack in my wrist, it isn’t broken or fractured, just a small crack in the bone in my wrist. No cast required, I do have a pressure wrap that I got. The hand is swollen, and purple, and the pain is sometimes excruciating. I have pain killers when I need them, and my doctor said it will heal, as long as I take care of the hand and not agitate it any more than it is. But my right hand is my dominant hand, and certain things I have trouble doing, like bathing, showering and dressing. I have limited movement in that hand right now, and limited range of motion.

It is ok.

I left home at 10:30 a.m. and got back home at 4:45 p.m.

That might be a long time, but I am willing to wait my turn, in return, I get the best care for the tax dollars I pay yearly.

**** **** ****

I departed early to make a stop on the way, it was cold. I arrived at the church in good time. It is the best night of the week for many of us.

We talked about Trust …

It was a good discussion. But the icing on the Friday cake, was sugar pie.

One of my good friends, a man I adore, came with his family, to celebrate his three year anniversary. He has come such a long way in those years. He trusted us with his life, and we, in turn, gave his life back to him.

We come in dirty, dejected, sad and disillusioned. Not knowing who we could or should trust. But where on earth can you go, and find people you CAN trust, trust with your life and your spirit?

The rooms provide.

We clapped and we cheered and everyone went home, just a little bit better than when we walked into the room tonight.

Before the meeting, I was standing outside talking to Mama Bear, and a great wind blew through the trees, and knocked ice and snow from a pine tree that is at least a hundred feet tall. It began to snow, ever so gently.

When we left the church there was a blanket of snow on the ground. It was not as cold as it had been just an hour earlier. I walked home with “my person.” Everyone has “their person.” It was a great walk home for both of us.

Took the train home and had a nice dinner.

Now it’s time to hit the sack …