Friday: Prisons


There are those who suffer within prisons of their own making. In some cases, society has also built a wall around you.

“Therefore, when you members come into the world of A.A. on the outside, you can be sure that no one will care a fig that you have done time. What you are trying to BE – not what you WERE – is all that counts with us.”

Very few people, in today’s rooms, have experience with bringing a meeting Inside the walls of a prison. In the first years of sobriety for me, I participated in bringing meetings inside the prisons here in Montreal. If you have never reached beyond your comfort zone of safe and sober rooms, you are missing out on an experience that will change your life.

The topics of Prison, Suffering, Adversity, Sobriety, were on many minds tonight.

We all have our stories. And every story is important. Our stories, in the rooms are still being written.

A good friend of mine says that, once we relent, and say, We’ve had enough of existing in the prisons of our own making, and we accept the promise of what the book offers, a Spiritual Solution, that WILL change our lives, if we only allow the process to do its work.

Not many people want what we have to offer them. Many still battle within their own heads. Believing that they are good, that everything is just fine, as long as they “cut down” the drink or the drugs.

The holidays are upon us. The time of greatest misery for many in the rooms. Because we can’t just have ONE and be DONE. And hour upon hour the television shows us just what good a time the world is having around us, drinking and celebrating the season of goodness and gift giving.

This is the hardest time to get sober. I got sober in the month of December. it was not a cake walk by any stretch of the imagination. But I persisted. And I won this round.

And in not so long, I will celebrate 16 years sober.

We’ve all experienced the furnace of life lessons. Even in sobriety.

Life is a furnace that continually tests us to make sure we earn our metal.

It gets better.

Yesterday my best friend went to work, having experienced a few days of down in the dumps drama and stress, got on his knees in the office and prayed.

Within an hour of those prayers being said to the Power Greater than Himself, his phone rang, and on the other end was the help he so needed and prayed for.

I told him, He had the number, he used it and called, and help arrived.

Just in time. As needed.

Help will always come when it is asked for.