Friday – July 1st Canada Day


Only in the province of Quebec, does everyone move on one single day of the year. I mean, people do move, on other days, but the law is that July 1st is moving day, because most leases are written from July to July. And we get around the Winter, so you’re not moving in the snow and cold, which is why July is the moving month.

I like to tell my friends that, if you really don’t have to move, then don’t.

There is a running joke in the rooms here that says:

“You know what happens on the second date ? A moving truck appears.”

I was Canada Day today as well. And I got to see the parade as it passed in front of our building, because we are located at the Step Off for all parades in the Downtown core.

We look West, so we have to go downstairs to see them.

Rafa, who got his citizenship last fall, is celebrating his first Canada Day as new citizen for the first time tonight. We missed him this evening at the meeting. We are very proud of him today.

It was a good night, it rained during the run up to the meeting, but we produced the numbers as usual. Tonight was the last night that I entertained my drama.

So I have more photos for you to see instead of another rant.


The first, is of Montreal’s Gay Village, on the East end. I had to go out to the U Haul to get my refund and file accident papers, so on the way home, I walked through the village to see the pedestrian mall, the decorations, and to do a little window shopping.

The entire village, during the summer, is cordoned off from car traffic except for the side streets that run North and South. The East West corridor is shut down for pedestrians and there are tents with all kinds of art and resto terraces along the way as well.

There are these pink baubles that are hung between the buildings all the way from one end of the village to the other. It is very festive, indeed.

I stopped into my favorite store and saw a friend, who I consider a 100% STUD. We met when I moved here, and he is always in the store when I visit. The village, as it in, on that side of town, I don’t usually go to the village, (I know bad gay) often, unless I am shopping for something particular.

Montreal Pride is always late in July, towards the tail end of the summer PRIDE schedule.



Then we move on to home photos. Wednesday, we moved all the furniture from Baby Mama’s apartment, and we gained the last new pieces of furniture we needed to complete our home renovations. We have a designer bed now, we’ve been sleeping on a futon for the last twelve years, since hubby and I decided to shack up. And now we have dressers for clothes, when, in the past, they were piled up on top of stuff we had stacked on the bedroom wall. Also, the bedroom had no curtains, because we just could not find stuff that worked with our window frames.

It has been an exciting week, for sure. Baby Mama’s gift was something very special, that I was able to share with hubby.

Another week in the books.

Lots of Gratitude…