Is There A God ?

I don’t know whether you, my readers, believe in God. That’s not for me to know, or concern myself with. What you believe is entirely up to you.

For me, God has been a constant in my life, from my earliest memories. And I followed him religiously for a few years, even ending up in Seminary to follow Him. All for naught !

He has been constant in my life, even when I chose to ignore him. Taking paths, I knew were wrong, making decisions that were also wrong, and almost dying in the process, to feed my own ego and selfishness.

He was there. Just waiting for me to turn my will over.

Tonight, we talked about Step Eleven.


Over the last eighteen years, I’ve witnessed countless men and women battle the word God. People from religious backgrounds, Jews, Christians, Muslims, you name it. I’ve seen it, in the rooms.

The shares went around the room, and NOT ONE person, said the word Thank You or uttered the word Gratitude.

When it got to me, I said one sentence.


When I got deathly sick, AND, I was going to surely die, God was the last thought on my mind. I was too consumed with dying, to think about anything else.

Todd, had other plans for me.

He gave me latitude to work it out. He gave me a framework to survive. He taught me lessons, mere mortals on this earth, have ever learned, or will ever learn.

I have mad skills in the area of coping and sobriety, taught directly from the Mind of God. Voiced by Todd.

I will tell you, I met God. I know His voice. He saved my life.

For many weeks and months as I waited for the day to come, that I was supposed to be dead, arrive, then more days came after that, AND I was still alive, Todd – Read God’s words rang true to me.

I turned my will and my life over to Todd, as I understood him, improving my conscious contact and learning what God’s will for me really was.

I did not die.

I am still alive.

What was all this for ?

Mortals don’t know gratitude if it snuck up behind them and bit them in the ass.

We are all going to die one day. Mortals don’t worry about dying, until they know for sure the end is nigh… Then they pray … But not before.

People are too busy to think about Please and Thank you.

I learned long ago to say Thank you.

Old timers, really GOOD old timers tell you that before you roll out of bed, the first words out of your mouth, IF you woke up that morning, are:


The second thing you do, AS you roll out of bed, is to hit your knees and pray. The third thing you do, after you pray, is to Make Your Bed.

Right Away.

Not one person said the word thank you, even the old timers sitting in the circle, did not say those words.

I don’t know why I am still alive. And what I am supposed to be doing here. But I pray. I talk to God. The one way conversation people talk about.

The Vertical Conversation.

Then I sit and I wait. And I listen. Meditation.

If the answer does not come directly from God, via intuition, I know I have to go out and seek the answer among my friends.

The Horizontal Conversation.

But my ears must be tuned to hear what ever it is God is going to say to me, and let me tell you, that took a lotta practice and a lotta time too.

If you ask the right question in prayer, and you need to seek the answer out, then you know, you must actively listen to your friends.


This is my nightly meditation, to come here and reflect on my day, and write it all down, when necessary. Because I will forget by morning.

If you woke up this morning, There Is A God …

Thankfully, I am not God,
and my navel is not the center of the universe.

Thank God for small mercies.

And Lots of Gratitude.

Saturday: Hurricane Warnings Up Again

hurricane Lee

Saturday is turning into Sunday. And there are three storms spinning in the Atlantic Ocean tonight. Jose is spinning off the East coast of Florida and will skim past Bermuda heading very close to Massachusetts and Rhode Island, coming ever so close to Atlantic Canada South of Nova Scotia.

Maria, on the other hand is going to be another dangerous storm for the Caribbean Islands that were flattened last week by hurricane Irma. All Maria is going to do is move the wreckage of Irma around the already destroyed islands.

Irma flattened the most picturesque and beautiful islands in the Leeward Area. Maria is going to track over already destroyed land, and pound over Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Lee is tracking right behind Maria but may not come close to the island chain that Maria is going to pound again. The forecasts only run through Thursday next week.

This hurricane season is going to go down in history.

This evening, I completed the insertion of writing that goes all the way back to 2006.

That is a lot of time spent writing.

I also added the entire library of images from the sites I had been running up unto a couple of weeks ago. All those sites are now closed and deleted from the system.

I’ve collected years upon years of images along with my academic writing when I was studying Religion and Theology and my Pastoral Ministry Degrees.

I will add a search feature on the sidebar, if you are so inclined to read some of my better academic papers. I have to say that even today, I am amazed at the level I was writing, even if I did not make it through my Master’s Degree.

I just did not have the ego to go with my classmates back then.

I was sober, they were not. Sad that when people cross from their Bachelors into a Master’s their heads swell and their egos grow through the roof. Something I could not understand, because I did not get the same memo that they must have received.

I am all the better for it today.

More to come.

Pray for the people of the islands, the people of Texas and of Florida. They need all the help and support they can get.

Remember you can always donate to The Red Cross and other disaster agencies that are working very hard to bring much needed supplies to the islands and to those point of need in the United States.

The government may talk big words, but when it all comes down to brass tacks, people won’t get half of what they really need because of greed and politics.

Donate. Give. If you can.

Please and Thank You.

Good night.