Intelligence Briefing January 6, 2017

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In the Book, Facts and Fears, written by James R. Clapper the entire last half of the book, deals with “The Election.” Last night, on The Last Word, news was broke, definitively, that President Trump, was given a Classified briefing by all the heads of the Intelligence Services, the FBI and others.

In reading the book, I learned about the basics of that conversation that was had with the then President Elect Trump, two weeks before his inauguration. James R. Clapper, James Comey and a host of other High profile Intelligence Officers sat in on that discussion with the then elect. James Clapper writes in detail of that specific conversation, but he does not discuss the top-secret information discussed.

It was after that top-secret discussion, that James Comey sat with then, President Elect, and discussed the infamous Steele Dossier. The most salacious details of smut, that was collected then disseminated through various media.

President Trump KNEW, every sordid detail of the Russian incursion of our election. He was told specifically what had taken place and by whom. And for the last year and a half, the President of the United States has been LYING, OBFUSCATING and REDIRECTING the truth to fit his own narrative.

On Monday, last, Trump sat with Vladimir Putin for 2 hours, and what they talked about is anyone’s guess. But if Congress has its way, the interpreter that was sitting in on that discussion. will be compelled to testify and tell us exactly, WHAT was discussed, and WHAT was agreed to by our president to Putin.

The President is a LIAR.
The President has participated in TREASON
The President needs to be IMPEACHED and REMOVED from OFFICE

Sooner than Later …

I Never Want …


In keeping with the theme of BRAVING …

I never want to reach a point, where I become bored, where I am not connected, where I feel useless, and a drink seems like a good idea.

Any day, can be a day, where a drink seems like a good idea.

The purpose of sobriety is to find that which is Greater than ourselves, from Outside of ourselves, the key that will sustain us, to Stay Stopped, one day at a time.

People come, and People go. Some stay, many do not.

At some point, we realize that being just a visitor in a meeting, only lasts for so long. At some point, you get to make a choice, to either do something, or you don’t.

I know what this means. And I’ve said it before.

We welcome people from around the globe. We see our friends, often. And for the newcomer, I am patient. I know what it is like to walk into a strange room, and not know what to do. Where do I fit in, how will I ever find the path, friends, sobriety ???

One day at a time.

I have watched the chair dance for years and years. That is why chairs are set up, in the way they are, like a well planned game. Where one sits, in any given room, tells some of us, how integrated into the meeting you are.

People who attend often, sit in the same seats, week in and week out. There are always seats, set, against the back wall. With rows and rows of seats to choose from, I know that most people won’t sit up front, automatically. They hang back, in the pack, and many people, who sit “on the bubble” populate the row against the back wall.

Yes, that may be the case. But other folks sit in the back row, due to the time of arrival to any specific meeting. Which is why they tell us twenty minutes before and twenty minutes after.

The only way to work your way into a meeting, is to work your way into a meeting.

Reading the book, will come, in time. But it is suggested by good people, that the sooner that you join us, find a job, find a sponsor, read the book, and work your steps, then, and for some, they finally find themselves connected, useful, and happiness comes.

A friend of mine, who has considerable time, said to me tonight, that after all his years in, he finally figured out what Higher Power meant for him. Finding that which is greater than yourself, from a location, outside of ourselves, takes time.

Sometimes it takes a LONG TIME …

But you know, however hard one finds the suggestion … Prayer does work.

Hearing continual stories about how hard some people fight even the thought that prayer is something we should do often, only solidifies the idea that Prayer Does Work.

My friends often tell me how their brains work. Some, often find, that the obsession of
“A drink seeming like a good idea” still persists.

I know, from hearing this from folks, in the middle of the stream, connected, and seeming happy, that when they found the thought of prayer, not such a bad idea, once they begin praying, that obsession of

“A drink seeming like a good idea,” does go away.

The book is written to tell us what our problem is, who we are, and why we are here. It gives us the plan for living, and offers us a spiritual solution that HAS WORKED for millions of people.

I’ve heard what happens, when one comes in, arrogant and shut down, and feels like they just don’t connect, to anyone, or anything, thinking that they will never be happy


Wait for it …

Don’t leave until the miracle happens for you.

A very long time ago, a woman in the rehab connected to the very first meeting I walked into over twenty-five years ago, said that to me …

Stick around until the miracle happens.

Had the people around me, in those meetings, had not bet on my demise, then, others told me to leave and not come back, had someone offered me a way INTO the book and sobriety, like my friends did when I came back the second time,

I would have stuck around, and never left.

But my path was what it became.

Continual attempts at sobriety, coming and going, only lasts so long. One too many passes into a room, then back out of said room, the chances of sticking and staying, grow slim.

Some people get more than one kick at the can. Some of those who kicked the can, more than once, GET IT. And they sit down and they stay.

Sadly, numbers are not what they used to be.

We know tonight, what happens when being a visitor in a meeting, dies …

The thought that, “A drink sounds like a good idea” takes hold, the obsession returns, and we take our chances, back in the world, that really is not a place, for some, who drank like I did, or like many have, themselves.

If you come to a room, jump in with both feet, and get WET.

You will find your way, I promise you that. The Book Promises that as well.

If only folks took the time to read the book, which is why people like me exist, in the rooms, to read said book with you.

Reading is fundamental.

It was good that when I came back, over the first four months of my sobriety, I was unable to read a book myself, outside of Harry Potter.

So I went to meetings every day, where someone else, read the book TO ME, reading it for everyone, that was sitting in that particular meeting.

I heard the book read. And it stuck for me, because I had no place else to go.

Which is why I am still reading the book, to this very day.


The idea that “A drink seems like a good idea” has gone.

Because I do the work required to never get to the point in sobriety that:


Ready Player One


The main goal, or one of my main goals, this past weekend was, to see a movie with my best friend. I have to say that the Cineplex Movie Complex in Ottawa is a beautiful building. The theatre halls are smaller than the ones here in Montreal. The size of the room does not take away from the movie experience.


Some time ago, Casey Neistat encouraged us to all read Ernest Cline’s – Ready Player One because Steven Spielberg was making the movie. Let me say that I DID READ the book two times over.

If you grew up in the 1980’s … And you loved Dungeons and Dragons early on then, or you played video games in your family room, on an Atari or other gaming device, then you would have enjoyed the book.

Spielberg had A LOT on his proverbial plate to get into the movie. The cornucopia of pop culture references ran the gamut. It was an Easter Egg Paradise.

However hard I wanted to like the movie, I did like it, but I did not love it. I think this movie will go in the “I saw it once pile and that was enough for me.”

This time the book stood up, the movie did NOT …

IF you read the book, you will have issues with the film version. I did.

The continuity of the book is tossed aside for time and story telling. Character introduction could have been done better, (as in the book character introduction).

I did not like the way we are introduced to the Gunters… I did not like that they changed the story line from the book, just to embellish a love story. When in the book, the love story is protracted and is not consummated until the last page of the book.

The way the characters are tossed in together all at once, at the start of the film is wasted story telling. They DID change another story line, and IF you read the book, you will see this blatant fuck up of original story telling.

Did ALL the characters make it to the end of the book alive ???

Did the movie need the blatant love story angle from the get go, instead of the slow build up and burn of the book story ?

They ruined the book story by speeding up the story, adding story that was NOT in the book, and changed the final outcome of the story.

The movie opens with the requisite back story that leads right into the first challenge for the first key. For story purposes, they rushed right into the challenges, and they did not build them properly to maintain the continuity of the book story.


The Final Battle for the gunters against the sixers and the protagonist evil money grumbling corporate looser had its own story line and additional characters, as in, the corporate shill needed an evil overlord in the form of a gamer evil doer to do his bidding in the OASIS community.


They could have, taken the entire final sequence of the book – like take it RIGHT FROM THE BOOK, and created it. That would not have been a stretch of the imagination, to bring the movie to its climax, through the vehicle of the book story, and not some green screen computer generated BANG for your BUCK sequence.

When Wade (Parcival) leaves the Stacks, he does not go back. When the final battle takes place, the gunters are all (those who survived in the book) fighting in State of the Art Hap Tic Rigs in Ogden’s mansion in Oregon.

They don’t even touch the schools, the other world travels. The den that Parcival and H spend time in, however, H is a computer generated avatar for almost the entire movie, and the setting in inside HIS workshop. Where did they get that idea from ?

It was not in the book to begin with …

Many of the gunter group had not met prior to the final battle. And they only meet each other, one at a time, IN THE BOOK. And Parcival and Art3mis only meet (IRL) on the last page of the book. There is not all the lovey dovey film created back story of a love affair from the get go going on in the book.

The only sequence they got right was the Disco Scene. They got the music just right too, and only for one particular sequence that they lifted right out of the book and recreated it on screen correctly.

How Art3mis ends up a sixer is beyond my comprehension. Wade is the one who gets arrested in the book at IOI headquarters. And how he was arrested and escaped would have made one serious story line had the film actually followed the book, and not DEVIATED from the Book so terribly.

The whole end of the movie was LOST on me.

Taking the gunters from the original location of Ogden’s mansion and leaving them in H’s truck IN THE STACKS, opening doors and shutting doors and kissing couples …

UGH God give me strength …

Visually, the film is beautiful. The Easter Egg Quotient is off the charts.

I know this film is an homage to Pop Culture and Spielberg did his best, but it was really NOT his best, because if he remained true to the book, the film would have been an entirely different story. The story that was written, FIRST.

Not the story that was crafted Second …

Again … Even though the film was visually rich, they should have known better than to create this film and deviate so far from the book for story lines that did not exist in the book, and changing story lines to make everything look good at the end.

When the book is down and dirty and not fair at all. Character stories are important, and when you change entire story lines from the book to make the film look tight and pretty and everybody is friends and the final battle is contrived …

Well, you get what I am trying to say.


Sometimes the book alone is all we need for a good story.

When you crank out crap like this …

Indigo Books: On the Way


Casey Neistat – You Tube Channel

If you are up on You Tube and film makers, then you would be familiar with Mr. Casey Neistat. Why, you don’t know of him, then hustle right over to You Tube and subscribe, immediately. Do Not Pass Go, nor Collect $200.00

Casey is a Master Film Maker, with many credits in his career. And if Casey makes a recommendation, book, film, or otherwise, you know for sure, that whatever he has asked you to participate in, do it …

When it comes to social issues, feeding the poor, supporting a good cause, because we are part of the human fabric of community, Go, Follow, DO !!!

Not very often, because he is intensely busy traveling for talks or visiting far-flung places, or flying on REALLY BIG AIRPLANES, or just jumping OUT of them, or hanging out the side of a HELICOPTER in Los Angeles, or the South of France, Casey does take time to read.

One of his books he asked us to read was Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline. He asked people to read the book, because Steven Spielberg was making The Movie, and he wanted us to appreciate the book, before the credits rolled on the film.

The day I went to the brick and mortar INDIGO here in the city to buy the book, the line at the cash, was OUT THE DOOR, with kids buying the book themselves. We had a Casey Neistat fan moment together.

I read the book TWICE. It was an awesome read. I passed that book on to my best friend in Ottawa to read, before we are set to see Ready Player One, later on this month, during our next visit together.


Another book Casey recommended was American Kingpin, The Epic Hunt for the Criminal Mastermind Behind The Silk Road, by Nick Bilton. Casey said that the book was a PAGE TURNER. That if you made the time to read it, that we would not be disappointed. I finally got around to buying the book this evening.


Another book that I ordered was Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (a.d. 121–180) succeeded his adoptive father as emperor of Rome in a.d. 161—and Meditations remains one of the greatest works of spiritual and ethical reflection ever written. With a profound understanding of human behavior, Marcus provides insights, wisdom, and practical guidance on everything from living in the world to coping with adversity to interacting with others. Consequently, the Meditations have become required reading for statesmen and philosophers alike, while generations of ordinary readers have responded to the straightforward intimacy of his style. In Gregory Hays’s new translation—the first in a generation—Marcus’s thoughts speak with a new immediacy: never before have they been so directly and powerfully presented.

It is said, that during the wars in the Middle East, and wars, over time, commanders, and high-powered military men, with lives to guard and a war to execute, in whatever fashion that happened, many of them carried this book with them to read. It is also said that major luminaries and great leaders of the world also read Marcus Aurelius.

If you are a book lover and reader, as I am, any of the books I write about, come with high praise, because of how well they were written, and what awards some of them garnered because of the author’s finest craft in writing.