Thursday – The Show Must Go On

The warnings of our first major snow storm went up this morning. Weather casters in Montreal, have been hit or miss, when it comes to prognostications about SNOW. Forecasting snow, is a fine art, and comes down to hour by hour monitoring of the snow pack as it moves into Southern Quebec. Montreal sits in a geographic location, on a major river, the St. Lawrence Seaway. Whether you sit to the south, or to the North of said river, will dictate just how much snow will fall on top of you.

So they are warning us of upwards of 30+ cm of snow, with winds gusting which will only stir up snow as it falls to the ground. Snow is supposed to begin falling Saturday night, and fall all day Sunday into late Sunday night, at this point.

I spoke at the Old Brewery Mission last Sunday morning. Which then, makes me responsible for finding a speaker for this coming Sunday.

Now, a major snow storm is on its way. And like any smart human being, one does not want to have to trek through a major snow storm to get to a meeting. Alas, I was reminded by a friend, what I would do in a snow storm when I was drinking …

Sadly, I’ve never drank in Montreal, and never had to navigate my way to a bar or a liquor store to drink. Amid a snow storm. That is my out …

My friends tonight, as I polled them for what I should do was this: The Show Must Go On… So my choices of speaker got thin, because I did not want to have to ask someone who drives a car, for safety reasons. Because driving in a snow storm is inherently dangerous on its own.

I figured out, with help, from one of my friends, who to ask. And I did that. So in the end, we will brave a snow storm to bring a meeting to the Old Brewery Mission on Sunday morning.

Mischief Managed…

I’ve been to the gym several times this week. And since life rotates on Instagram, I upload a photo, IN the gym, when I go. Yesterday I went to the gym at an odd time. Never go to the gym in the 5 o’clock hour. The gym was crawling with people. Every machine, bike, treadmill was occupied. And the lift room was packed with people.

I, at least, got some treadmill time in. And I came home. Defeated.

Today, I amended that plan, and hit the gym in the 11 o’clock hour. I had a treadmill and a work out mat to do my floor exercises, and space to lift, because traffic was blessedly light during the day. I spent about an hour in the gym. Our treadmills have programs on them, so today I ran an intermediate run program, that as the program runs, the incline on the tread rises, your speed rises and there are down drafts as well. I ran for about an hour. Got my lifting in. And some floor time as well.

What is good, is that I follow a number of guys on Instagram who do the gym as well, and they upload their workout routines so we can see them and duplicate them ourselves. Which is good. I get to practice my form and process, and build a routine that will be profitable in the end.

Snow is coming, it might get brutal.

The Show Must Go On !!!

Saturday: Hurricane Warnings Up Again

hurricane Lee

Saturday is turning into Sunday. And there are three storms spinning in the Atlantic Ocean tonight. Jose is spinning off the East coast of Florida and will skim past Bermuda heading very close to Massachusetts and Rhode Island, coming ever so close to Atlantic Canada South of Nova Scotia.

Maria, on the other hand is going to be another dangerous storm for the Caribbean Islands that were flattened last week by hurricane Irma. All Maria is going to do is move the wreckage of Irma around the already destroyed islands.

Irma flattened the most picturesque and beautiful islands in the Leeward Area. Maria is going to track over already destroyed land, and pound over Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Lee is tracking right behind Maria but may not come close to the island chain that Maria is going to pound again. The forecasts only run through Thursday next week.

This hurricane season is going to go down in history.

This evening, I completed the insertion of writing that goes all the way back to 2006.

That is a lot of time spent writing.

I also added the entire library of images from the sites I had been running up unto a couple of weeks ago. All those sites are now closed and deleted from the system.

I’ve collected years upon years of images along with my academic writing when I was studying Religion and Theology and my Pastoral Ministry Degrees.

I will add a search feature on the sidebar, if you are so inclined to read some of my better academic papers. I have to say that even today, I am amazed at the level I was writing, even if I did not make it through my Master’s Degree.

I just did not have the ego to go with my classmates back then.

I was sober, they were not. Sad that when people cross from their Bachelors into a Master’s their heads swell and their egos grow through the roof. Something I could not understand, because I did not get the same memo that they must have received.

I am all the better for it today.

More to come.

Pray for the people of the islands, the people of Texas and of Florida. They need all the help and support they can get.

Remember you can always donate to The Red Cross and other disaster agencies that are working very hard to bring much needed supplies to the islands and to those point of need in the United States.

The government may talk big words, but when it all comes down to brass tacks, people won’t get half of what they really need because of greed and politics.

Donate. Give. If you can.

Please and Thank You.

Good night.

Sunday Sundries: Storms of Change


Hurricane Irma is spinning off the West Coast of Florida. I have family in the affected areas of Sarasota and Tampa. Some I care about, and others, I do not. I lived through what Andrew did to us in 1992, but I was not going to engage to that level once again this week.

Storms are those natural occurrences that forces one to review what is really important. If the storm is a direct hit, whatever you own, is going to be destroyed, so whatever you packed up and took with you, when you evacuated, will go with you where ever you go.

I was up all night, pensive and worried for friends who live in Florida who chose to stay, instead of evacuating. I was up before dawn, with a thought in mind. Quietly, I began the export/import process of my writing venue.

If you click the link, it will bring you to a brand new domain location. Today we are a (Dot.Blog) venue. I own this site now, it is all mine. Everything has been merged and re-ordered. I kept this new template, because it is clean and sleek. And I like it a lot.

The Pages are all there, along with twelve years of writing.

I remember Oprah when she said that “Writing is Cathartic…”

This new venue has a good deal of bells and whistles. I’ve uploaded a series of images that will populate the header as the seasons change.

The Seasons are changing in Montreal. The nights are coming sooner, and the air is a bit cooler than it has been as of late. I noticed a few days ago, that I really needed to add a second layer of clothing, along with my sporty look.

I purchased a digital scale last week, because I did not trust the rotary dial scale that we had for the longest time. A few weeks ago, my new doctor tweaked my medical regimen and she took away a pill, and added a pill, and raised my insulin injection daily by one click. My target sugars are 6 to 7. If I do not hit either a 6 or a 7, in the morning, I take an insulin hit, which is at 21 today, Sunday. If the 6 or 7 does not appear the next morning, I crank the pen up one click. Until I reach the optimum number goal.

My weight continues to drop. I hit a new low of 154 pounds the other day. And given my eating schedule I bounce 3 to 5 pounds on any given day. But I have lost a total of 33 pounds all together. From start to today.

It has been a nice quiet weekend. Quiet is good, because I can crawl into bed at any hour of the day and sleep for as long as I like, provided I get my groceries out of the way, and occasionally, do a load of laundry.

I am usually up early in the morning now because of my medical schedule, so I get all my chores out of the way, then have the rest of the day to snooze, until I hit a meeting on any given night.

Stay tuned, more to come.