Locktober is coming

Here is your chance to get some Locktober swag from Tee Spring. If you are joining the movement of locked boys and men, order your swag today and wear it with Pride during the month of October.

My Sweatshirt arrived today in the post. Along with some Nike Color Burst Tights. Finally, they appeared on Ebay. You could not find them anywhere but in the U.S in shops that would not ship to Canada. I picked up a Blue/Black set for good money.

I am beginning to collect warm weather gear for the Fall/Winter Season. Temps are going down into (Tens) this week, but daily temps are ranging in the mid to high twenties.

Lock it up continues. I did some solder work last night, to further secure my Rage Cage, even further. And added some rubber bumper tubing over the solder area, so that it is not rubbing up against my stomach below the belt line.

October 11th will be one month in my Rage Cage. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this particular cage choice. The weight, feel, and look of the cage is great.

More to come.