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The Modern Nomad … Year Finances …

If you are following this blog, you are familiar with a fellow writer named Gustav from Sweden. He is “The Modern Nomad” traveling the world, doing what he loves most. But pulling up stakes and living a life “in the world” takes some work and a little creative financing.

I have been following Gustav for some time now and seen him travel all over the world. He shares a passion of one of my good friends in South Africa who spent a year traveling the world trying to find a new home. He eventually settled in Cape Town South Africa. I am scheduled to visit him this year, pending financial freedom.

But I digress …

Gustav has set his year finances up on the blog this past week. And shown us just what it takes to live the Nomad Lifestyle. They say that we all need to find our passion and that when we find it – to do that passion – and money will follow.

Gustav has angels who permit him the lifestyle that he is now living. But we now know his needs and he has asked us to help him further his adventure. Which means asking you my readers to go click the link above and read what he has to say about his travels and his needs.

I know I have some adventurers that read this blog who may have some wisdom to impart if not go the extra mile to help him live the next year with some financial freedom. Gustav does some freelancing work from where ever he rests his head, but he could always use some extra work to pad the expenses he incurs.

This is a call for you all to put on your thinking caps and come up with new ways for him to make some much needed cash on the fly. Like I said he has certain benefactors who permit him to travel. But one more benefactor could make his life a little easier.

Do you work in the airline industry? Of know someone who does?

Could you use a little network help or do you know someone who could employ a freelancer on the world wide web?

Do you have ideas or would you want to join the Modern Nomad angel club yourself? Would you like to participate in the Modern Nomad journey?

It only takes a few minutes to go read and participate in the journey. And if you have something to share, Gustav would be very happy to hear from you.

And with that, I leave you to it. Join the movement …

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